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Our First Recording Session!

We had a very different type of session last night when Richard from The Woolpack Studios (Otley) came with all the recording gear to set up at the Highwood. It was a great experience and I am sure we have been able to capture how wonderful 30 people playing the ukulele together can sound!

We have worked incredibly hard over this year to improve our ukulele skills so I hope you will agree that the hard work has paid off.

Here are some shots from yesterday

Group Shot!

Group Shot!

View from the stage

View from the stage




Richard from The Woolpack Music Studios

Richard from The Woolpack Music Studios





Next week is our Summer Strum and Sing from 8pm. Bring your friends and families and we will have a sing together of al the songs we’ve been working on since Christmas. If you have any friends you think may be interested in joining the group or learning Ukulele then please bring them along! Feel free to bring snacks too!

Hope to see you soon