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12th June 2013

Hello everyone!

we have been busy practising our songs for our first gig, which is on the 23rd June…

here are the songs we will be playing

ROUNDHAY UKULELE GROUP set list 23.06.13

last night we had a good run through most of the songs and clarified some beginnings and endings too. we are sounding better and better every week and i hope that some of you who haven’t been playing long are starting to grow in confidence too. playing the ukulele is so much fun, whether there is an audience or not!

so next week we will run through the songs again for the gig and then we can look at some new songs to get our fingers round!

keep practising those chords or lead parts that you get stuck on! you will overcome them….all it takes is a little time and perseverance…YOU CAN DO IT!




29th May 2013

what better way to raise your spirits on a drizzly and grey afternoon than to strum your ukulele and sing at the top of your voices?!

i know it cheered me right up!

we had some fun looking at 2 new songs this week…



and they sounded absolutely fantastic straight away! don’t worry if the strumming is not as you want it to sound just yet. when you’re practising at home just keep to 4 down strums and and concentrate on changing chords in time with your strumming. once you have the left hand covered, you can think about how you want the strum to feel/sound like.

i have always found the best way to challenge tricky chords (and all of us have ones we don’t like so much!) is to just spend 5 minutes each day changing from that chord to C and back again until it feels easier. you need to develop that muscle memory – and within a short time you will feel a difference.

the other songs we looked at last night




Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On (RUG)

STAND BY ME – Ben E King

we discussed our up and coming gig on the 23rd June, and I will put together a set list of songs (we’ll play for about 30 minutes)

i would just like to reiterate that everyone who has ever attended RUG would be welcome to play with us at this event. even if you do not feel confident with some of the songs, come along, play what you can, sing at the top of your voice and have some fun! last night sounded great and everyone is putting in the effort to play well as a group. we support each other and it is really paying off!

have a look at the following links for more info of the event (we’re at the last house on the list!)

23.06.13 Guide

REAP photo poster Opening

ta ra for now!