Winter 2017-2018

Lovely RUG players!

Wednesday 6th December 2017 will be our last session at Lidgett Park Methodist Church until Wednesday 10th January 2018.


You’re all invited to join us for a drink at our Christmas Party (Wednesday 13th December from 8pm at Sylva Bar, Oakwood Clock), where we will be having a sing and a strum, some snacks and drinks and a good time hanging out together! Friends and family (over 18s) are welcome too! If you haven’t signed up yet then please do tomorrow at the session or let me know if you’d like to come (just so we know how many people to expect for venue capacity etc!)

PAFRAS! Positive Action for Refugees and Asylum Seekers

On 20th December 11am-12pm we will be performing at the PAFRAS Christmas Party – some of you have asked if you can donate food/toiletries/clothing – please see

for a list of items that would be really useful. You can bring items to the session tomorrow, or bring along when we play on the day


Thank you all for being a part of making RUG such a lovely group. 2017 has been a brilliant year… we’ve done some wonderful performances, had some great sessions and learned a whole load of cool songs together. I am very much looking forward to 2018 (our 5th year!) and seeing what fun it will bring 🙂 ALOHA for now,  Jen 🙂


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