1st May 2014

Our next performance is 12th May (1:30pm) at St Chad’s, Headingley. This will be a sing along session for the people who go to the Dementia Cafe.

Click here for the list of songs we will be playing


LAst night we started to look at The Big Wide – the anthem for the Yorkshire Festival. There will be an optional rehearsal for those of you who are interested in Otley on Monday 2nd June from 7pm.

In the meantime – have a go at the song – play along to the video and click here for the music…

The Big Wide OUO and RUG

We also discussed RUG tops for our gigs. We reached a democratic decision to wear purple!

I will have your tops printed up with our logo (in black and white). If you would like a logo on your purple top then please bring one (any shade or style as long as it can be printed on!) to the next session you come to. They will probably be around £5-£9 per shirt.

Keep on strumming y’all!

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