11th September 2013

Hello everyone!

It was lovely to welcome a roomful of strummers at last night’s RUG session – despite the rainy conditions. And we did some excellent work – progressing on the songs we have been working on as well as looking at a new one.

Here is what we did!


ALL SHOOK UP TAB – have a try of the tab if you are feeling confident with C, F and G chords


Jumping Jack Flash TAB RUG

– Jumpin’ Jack Flash MP3 (with vocals)

– Jumpin’ Jack Flash MP3 (no vocals)


I’m a Believer (tab)

– I’m a Believer MP3

and we also looked at a new song – a three-chord trick with some fun stops and starts! It will really help you practise that change from G to D7!


BARBARA ANN TAB – we will look at the tab next week, again if you’re confident on the chords then have a go at the tab



Remember to write 20th November and 18th December in your diaries!

20th November will be a charity fundraiser gig at the Thomas Osbourne pub on Street Lane. We will have a play and a pint and raise some money for a charity. I have had a few suggestions for charities so will confirm nearer the time.

18th December is our Christmas gig and party at The Highwood. We have the use of the upstairs room so we can invite friends and family to help us have a party ukulele style!

That’s all for now folks… enjoy your week and see you very soon

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