15th May 2013

This week’s session was full of excellent strumming, plucking and singing! every week we are getting more confident with our playing so keep up the hard work guys…it will pay off i promise!

we did a little work on reading tab and notation too – and i will not make you play nursery rhymes ever again (!) but the exercise in as important one. keep reading the tab and and playing and you will get used to it. have a look at the following…

Practising Tab and Notation

we also looked at the following songs

ALOHA OE (rug)

Blowin’ In the Wind (RUG)


Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On (RUG) Whole Lotta Shakin LEAD (RUG)

STAND BY ME – Ben E King

and we looked at a couple of new songs too!

THE HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN (RUG) *remember this is in 6/8 time

BROWN EYED GIRL (RUG) BROWN EYED GIRL TAB (RUG) *we will look at the tab part next week – listen to the song so you are familiar with the parts…!

they sounded great already!

you can also listen to the following MP3s to help you with your practise…i will add more as i record them.



happy playing!

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