1st May 2013

We had another fantastic session on Wednesday – I really enjoyed going over the songs we did last week

You Are My Sunshine RUG

STAND BY ME – Ben E King

I Walk the Line – Johnny Cash I Walk the Line


and our C, F, Am, G and G7 chords are now really solid. These chords are the basis for so many songs so once you have these mastered…you’re doing well!

We also looked at a new one to consolidate those chords


Whole Lotta Shakin LEAD (RUG)

Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On (RUG)

which is so much fun to play…! and keep on with learning the tab parts if you want to develop that skill as it adds so much to the group. I know some people love it and some don’t – but if you have a try at home then you have a head start at the next session. Remember, if you can sing how the part goes then you will be able to play it! It is just a question of PRACTISE! if you have ay questions about reading and playing tab, then please get in touch or ask me at the next session.

We also learned Dm chord and looked at this lovely song

Don’t Worry Be Happy TAB (RUG)


the tab part for this is slightly more complex than the others we have done so far – but you all know the whistle! so break it down note by note…if you put the time in i am sure you will get there!

So next week expect more chords and more songs! and keep up to date here if you miss any sessions!

See you soon and happy strumming!




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